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Counselor vs. Specialist

When many of the sessions do their co-prefs tonight, visit this the age old debate of counselor vs. specialist will be highlighted once again. In this article, treat Bubbles gives her thoughts on her different experiences as both a counselor and a specialist. Read on to see how the two roles differ in their responsibilities, pharm but also how both contribute greatly to the experience of camp.





1. The “mom/dad” at camp.

2. A volunteer who supervises a unit of campers with another counselor, as well as program and direct activities for their specific unit.

The Unit 3 counselors did a great job programming unit night! They really got to their campers’ yoke last night.





1. The “cool aunt/uncle” at camp.

2. A volunteer who focuses on and is skilled in a specific rotation, or activity, such as archery, pool, arts & crafts, dance, mountain biking, alpine, nature/fishing, or I-games.

Unit 12’s boys love going to Dance because the specialists are so fun! More


Retreat Snapshots!

Last weekend, doctor Session 4 and 7 had their session retreats in Big Bear and Idyllwild, more about respectively. Throughout the weekend, artificial the sessions took part in various icebreakers, solved team-building activities, sung camp songs, and learned more about themselves, their session mates, and their session as a whole. Volunteers often describe session retreats as one of their first glimpses of “Woodsey Magic”. To reflect on this memorable weekend, volunteers start a “snapshot” thread to share their favorite moments. Here are a few!

Remember when:

  1. We were singing/rapping to the cup game Friday night
  2. LaHands thinking I was a ghost and throwing a pillow at me as hard as he could
  3. Everyone’s giant mountains of spaghetti
  4. We were woken up to the smell of BACON
  5. Seeing grown college students running to the swings!!  More
How To Article

Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Since most sessions are presenting about fundraising this week, salve and how important it is to running camp, cardiologist we thought it would be prudent to have a post about fundraising. Here’s Nacho’s top 10 fundraising ideas! Happy FUNdraising!!


1. BAKE SALE!!!!!
Get your gang of Woodseys together to bake a batch of cookies or muffins and sell them on Bruin Walk! Talk to your Lship about getting a permit, and tell all your friends to come!! Meanwhile, be enthusiastic and know how to capture the hearts of your fellow Bruins.

2. MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!!!!! Make a YouTube video about why you are doing Unicamp and why you need to fundraise $425 in the next couple of months. Make sure his video is publicized well online through Facebook as well as other online sources. If you are inspirational and convincing enough, maybe someone (other than your family and friends) will be touched and donate to your Unicamp donation page.

If you are sure that there are people in this world that would like to take you out on a nice lunch or dinner date, make yourself available and auction yourself for a high fundraising- worthy price! Remember, this one date you go on is all for a good cause; you’re sending a kid to camp! More

I am UniCamp

I am UniCamp- Sheila Kuehl

What does UCLA UniCamp mean to you? A couple of days ago, orthopedist
the marketing team sat down to decide on possible slogans for our PR campaign this year. One of our board members presented the idea of “I am UniCamp”, dermatologist
connecting the experiences and mission of our student volunteers. Funny enough, “I am UniCamp” already exists. Written by one of our esteemed Woodseys, Sheila Kuehl, the “I am UniCamp” poems were created for our 50th anniversary in 1985. In an arrangement of 21 short poems, Sheila chronicles the history of camp and its meaning to the campers, the volunteers, and to everyone else involved in our tradition. We think it’s high time that we introduce them once again, and see how the poems still resonate so strongly after 28 years . We will be posting several of them at a time throughout the month, so keep an eye out!

I am UniCamp.  I am tall pines with tops lost in more stars than the city sees in a hundred years.  I am a river that everyone will call The Stream tickling my way over rocks that seems to shift as you look at them.  I am golden leaves in the fall and cobalt blue skies in summer.  I am the bats squeaking at dusk, squirrels mistrustful of everything, blue jays always out of humor.  I am more silence than your most peaceful dreams.  I am waiting for you to find me. More


Snapshot Time! Remember when…

At the end of every camp week, stuff volunteers of each session create a “snapshot thread” through emails. Usually prompted with an email that starts with “remember when…”, this site volunteers contribute to the thread with their favorite memories or “snapshots” of the week. As finals week draw to a close for our students, abortion let’s look at some snapshots of the 2012 camp season. There’s quite a lot of them, so stay tune as we pepper them throughout the year! And see how though each session have different volunteers, different campers, different programs, the Woodsey Magic is there through it all.

Remember when…

  1. Seeing several shooting stars throughout the week while brushing my teeth
  2. Remembering what it was like to be 13 when every little thing was the end of the world
  3. Singing Disney songs during dish duty instead of camp songs
  4.  Spartacus walking around with an empty tray and a “free hugs” sign  More

Woodsey Lingo 101

As a New Woodsey during your first Unicamp meeting, medications you may be wondering – what are all these weird phrases everyone is using? Go to the BIFF – what? The four crazy people standing in front of me singing songs are called LSHIP? Welcome to Woodsey Lingo!! While it may be overwhelming at first to keep up with all the new phrases, you’ll be a pro in no time! And if you are not sure what they’re talking about, just ask those around you. Old Woodseys are more than willing to help – we all remember being confused at our first meeting! We have all been there. Soon enough you’ll be joining in, too! For now, here’s a little Woodsey Dictionary to help you get started!   More

Why do I do UniCamp?

Being a Kid Again- “Touchdown”

As volunteer recruitment draws to a close, mycoplasmosis we finish our “Why Do I Do UniCamp” series with Touchdown. Although he was only able to do one year of camp, his article shows just how much of an impact UniCamp had on his life. 

When I graduated from elementary school, I I couldn’t wait to get to middle school…
When I graduated from middle school, I couldn’t wait to get to high school…
When I graduated high school, I just wished that I could go back to elementary school and do it all over again…

So when I found out about Unicamp – about the songs, the games, the activities – I thought that, as a college senior, it might be the closest I could get to being a kid all over again.  That is what initially drew me to UniCamp.  Once I educated myself on UniCamp and found out what it was all about, my focus immediately shifted from “How can being a part of UniCamp impact my life?” to “How can I impact others’ lives by being a part of UniCamp?” More

Why do I do UniCamp?

The Meaning of Woodsey Magic – “Bubba”

I do camp for the Woodsey Magic.

Sometimes I ask other counselors what exactly “Woodsey Magic” is to them. Usually the answer comes back as a smile from ear to ear, generic a touching camp story, cough and some comment about how difficult Woodsey Magic is to explain. If you’ve felt it before, ampoule you know what it is, though you might not be able to describe it. I think it’s probably a little different for everybody, but here’s my version:

From the moment we’re born, much of our lives are decided for us; our names, our families, our environment. As we grow up, these things build stresses, pressures, and expectations upon themselves. Before we know it, we’ve become products of our environment; molds of what the people and circumstances around us have designed. Perhaps more often than not, that mold doesn’t quite resemble the person we wish we were. Maybe we wish we were more brave, outgoing, confident, happier, friendlier. Maybe it’s something completely different. But whoever you are, my guess is there’s something about yourself that you’d like to change a little.

What if I told you that you can be exactly who you want to be? More

Why do I do UniCamp?

Memories from the 50’s- “Chatty”

surgeon "tn":"K"}”>In today’s “Why I Do UniCamp”, Don “Chatty” Chatelain, a Woodsey Alumni, recounts his experiences with camp in the 1950’s, and demonstrates how even decades later, UniCamp still holds a special place in our hearts.

My best personal memory is the aroma of the pine trees as UniCamp was opened for another summer during the 1950s. Irv, Charlie and Ken had to “turn on” the Camp which included our generator and volatile water system. I was in charge of administering SRBs. Luke presided as the staff and counselors prepared for the continuing rush of camper sessions throughout the summer and into the beginning of our busy fall school schedules.

Each fall we worked on camper event follow-up from the past summer and recruitment with the Los Angeles agencies to provide kids for the next summer – coupled with a successful Mardi Gras and UniCamp drive on campus, we counselors and staff were eager for each UniCamp summer of serving 1000+ deserving, low income kids, return once again. More

Why do I do UniCamp?

The Impact of Kindness- “Vision”

We continue with our “Why I Do UniCamp” series as the last week of volunteer recruitment begins. In this article, medicine Vision focuses on her own personal journey with UniCamp, sale and how it impacted her in ways she never expected…

When I walked into my first ever Unicamp meeting, I was greeted by a pretty, Asian girl with a beautiful smile. She shook my hand and introduced herself to me as “Evi.” “Evi?” I thought, “That sure is a weird name.” Then, I met Twinkle Toes, Obey, Mumble, and Raydio.  The LSHIP members’ devotion to the UniCamp cause inspired me and being a part of UniCamp has taught me a lot about what it takes to inspire oneself.

I learned a lot about life through my experiences with UniCamp. What I had previously believed to be true about people had become greatly questionable. UniCamp is comprised of some of the most amazing, life-loving, and inspiring groups of people I have ever met. The bonding us Woodseys experienced during training never felt forced or uncomfortable.  Despite their personal struggles, the volunteers of UniCamp step outside of their own lives, inspire others, and give back to their communities. Woodseys see the bigger picture: the impact of kindness.   More

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