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Humans of UniCamp: Fawn

In the summer of 1979, my dad, whose camp name was Trout, volunteered at UniCamp as a counselor with his two best friends, Tree and Big Foot. He loved everything about camp including the outdoors, his unit of young campers and especially the relationships he developed with his fellow counselors. My dad enjoyed UniCamp so much that he returned the following year as a head counselor. That summer at camp, he met the love of his life.

My mom, whose camp name was Fawn, was a volunteer counselor of the older boys’ unit in my dad’s session. My parents first became good friends up on the mountain at UniCamp. They then fell in love in the city when they returned to UCLA. Even though they both attended UCLA, my parents tell me that they would have never met if not for UniCamp.

Their experience inspired me to volunteer for camp because I saw firsthand the lasting friendships that form through UniCamp. My mom is still friends with many of her fellow UniCamp counselors. My dad asked Tree to be his best man at my parent’s wedding and Big Foot is my godfather. With so many lasting friendships and treasured memories, my parents say that UniCamp was one of their most amazing and valuable experiences at UCLA. Even before I joined UniCamp, I knew that Woodsey magic was real.

Compiled by: Amanat “Chewie” Bal – UCLA ’18

Fawn's parents met at UniCamp and say that it was their most valuable experience at UCLA.

Fawn’s parents met at UniCamp and say that it was their most valuable experience at UCLA.


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Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Since most sessions are presenting about fundraising this week, and how important it is to running camp, we thought it would be prudent to have a post about fundraising. Here’s Nacho’s top 10 fundraising ideas! Happy FUNdraising!!


1. BAKE SALE!!!!!
Get your gang of Woodseys together to bake a batch of cookies or muffins and sell them on Bruin Walk! Talk to your Lship about getting a permit, and tell all your friends to come!! Meanwhile, be enthusiastic and know how to capture the hearts of your fellow Bruins.

2. MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!!!!! Make a YouTube video about why you are doing Unicamp and why you need to fundraise $425 in the next couple of months. Make sure his video is publicized well online through Facebook as well as other online sources. If you are inspirational and convincing enough, maybe someone (other than your family and friends) will be touched and donate to your Unicamp donation page.

If you are sure that there are people in this world that would like to take you out on a nice lunch or dinner date, make yourself available and auction yourself for a high fundraising- worthy price! Remember, this one date you go on is all for a good cause; you’re sending a kid to camp! More


Woodsey Lingo 101

As a New Woodsey during your first Unicamp meeting, you may be wondering – what are all these weird phrases everyone is using? Go to the BIFF – what? The four crazy people standing in front of me singing songs are called LSHIP? Welcome to Woodsey Lingo!! While it may be overwhelming at first to keep up with all the new phrases, you’ll be a pro in no time! And if you are not sure what they’re talking about, just ask those around you. Old Woodseys are more than willing to help – we all remember being confused at our first meeting! We have all been there. Soon enough you’ll be joining in, too! For now, here’s a little Woodsey Dictionary to help you get started!   More