Last weekend, Session 4 and 7 had their session retreats in Big Bear and Idyllwild, respectively. Throughout the weekend, the sessions took part in various icebreakers, solved team-building activities, sung camp songs, and learned more about themselves, their session mates, and their session as a whole. Volunteers often describe session retreats as one of their first glimpses of “Woodsey Magic”. To reflect on this memorable weekend, volunteers start a “snapshot” thread to share their favorite moments. Here are a few!

Remember when:

  1. We were singing/rapping to the cup game Friday night
  2. LaHands thinking I was a ghost and throwing a pillow at me as hard as he could
  3. Everyone’s giant mountains of spaghetti
  4. We were woken up to the smell of BACON
  5. Seeing grown college students running to the swings!! 
  6. Scaring everyone in the hallway telling scary stories at 3 AM Saturday night
  7. We were lifting Simba over the Spider Web and everyone began to sing the Lion King song
  8. When the Fourcupine twerkteam was founded.
  9. The fairy room became the first aid room
  10. Last night dance party in the kitchen
  11. Iso fish-rolling backwards and almost knocking out Raptor
  12. Starting with five beads, but needing way more 🙂
  13. Jazz being pulled over the electric fence
  14. Milk- T bust a rap during Snapshot activity
  15. Some of us indulged in ice cream at 3 am
  16. Oreos fell down on our foreheads into our mouths
  17. Not having enough beads to tell you all how much I love you :]
  18. Rookuh FINALLY getting Black Magic at Souplantation
  19. Caravan of UniCamp cars going back to the house after electric fence
  20. When we became a wonderful family of elesevants/seven tooth tigers.



Biffe Breeze

What are some of your favorite snapshots from session retreats? Look out for more snapshots throughout the week on our Twitter/Facebook!