At the end of every camp week, volunteers of each session create a “snapshot thread” through emails. Usually prompted with an email that starts with “remember when…”, volunteers contribute to the thread with their favorite memories or “snapshots” of the week. As finals week draw to a close for our students, let’s look at some snapshots of the 2012 camp season. There’s quite a lot of them, so stay tune as we pepper them throughout the year! And see how though each session have different volunteers, different campers, different programs, the Woodsey Magic is there through it all.

Remember when…

  1. Seeing several shooting stars throughout the week while brushing my teeth
  2. Remembering what it was like to be 13 when every little thing was the end of the world
  3. Singing Disney songs during dish duty instead of camp songs
  4.  Spartacus walking around with an empty tray and a “free hugs” sign 
  5. Passing around a bag of liquid ice cream
  6. Captain Crunch and Cheerio were forced into a hug by a mob of campers 
  7. Boys of 13 freaking out because of the Adam Crow crop circle 
  8. Polar bear swim at 6 am! 
  9. Awesome Hey Burrito remixes- British version (‘Ello Crumpt!), Indian version (Oh samosa!) 
  10. When our Unit 8 girls didn’t care that the carnival was cancelled due to rain and started their own in our cabin and invited two other units over. <3
  11. My boys helping out Mmis with her unit with their luggage 
  12. doing dishes in the pouring ring with UniCorps and specialists with trash bag suits
  13. Seeing Scorpion’s face light up when he finally succeeded in making it across with his friends on lower ropes
  14. Major adorable bonding between Shadow and Sonic after closing campfire. 
  15. Writing those Woodsey marriage shout outs with my co 
  16. Getting my unit to sing Deck the Halls to Pops to get the Cmap Jam 
  17. Getting Woodsey proposed to by Turtle after the dance, outside of our cabin
  18. Camper drawing of what world peace looks like. 
  19. Singing for 30+ minutes in the lodge on the rainy day 
  20. Talking smack on the little boys units during prison ball knowing I was twice their size, and watching them bond over getting me out. haha
  21. Megaman and Snare 
  22. Recognizing the campers’ creativity as they impersonated their counselors in skits at rotation 
  23. Talking to campers (up to one week) post- camp and hearing how much  they loved and (still) miss camp. Many say that it was their best year at camp, and that they cried when leaving. 
  24. Dark Knight: “I’m starting to like it here, I don’t wanna leave yet.”



Biffe Breeze

What are some of your favorite snapshots?