Should you apply for SAIL?Are you awesome? If so, then yes.

“Why?”, you may ask?

Let us tell you….

This year SAIL is undergoing through a huge makeover this year, and it’s going to be AWESOME! (So only awesome people allowed).

The UCLA community school will be teaching a seminar class called STEM to Stern. Using a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) based curriculum provided by REACH, the US Sailing’s STEM education program, there will be a classroom filled of knowledgeable high school aged sailors ready for the summer.

Our volunteers (YOU!!!) will go through standard SAIL trainings as well as following the REACH curriculum. Conveniently, there will be the same number of SAIL volunteers as students in the community school seminar. This will allow each volunteer to be paired with a student, forming a “skipper” and “first mate” team, which will also double as a mentorship opportunity. These will also be your first mates up at camp. By the time your week at Big Bear comes around, you already will have yourself a scallywag, Pirates of the Caribbean-esque ready sailing crew!

If you aren’t quite ready to jump on board, but don’t want to abandon ship, feel free to contact us at!

A’hoy, matees!

Belly Slap