Calling all Woodseys! We are digging up those old song books, and hoping to bring back camp songs you all know and love. We will post the song titles and lyrics on here, and if you know the song, please help us out by sending a recording/video of you singing it!  We will then re-introduce it to our volunteers this year, and keep on adding and adding to our Woodsey traditions.

Today’s song:

UniCamp Hymn

Lyrics by Marilyn “Pro” Provisor Soll

The trees try to tell us
The winds whisper too
Of fun we’ve had together
Of friendships we’ve made so true
Oh College Camp we’ll cherish
Our memories are fond of you
The embers of campfire
The stars in the sky
The winding road that beckons
The stream that meanders by
Oh UniCamp we’ll cherish
Our memories will never die
Come we all
Say “goodnight”
As the shadows still cling
  to the end of the night
With each burning, dying ember
There are friendships to remember
As we sing one last
(Sing and hold from a high pitch to a
   medium pitch to a lower pitch)
Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight