26 miles. 4 days. 1 mountain. 

The journey to the summit is just the beginning.

 WALL (aka Wilderness Adventures in Leadership and Learning) is a challenging leadership learning program that stresses teamwork and perseverance throughout a physically and mentally demanding 4 day, 26 mile hike that reaches altitudes of 11,500 feet. 

We’re looking for fearless Woodseys up for the challenge of a lifetime — not only for you but the 10 kids you’ll be taking with you.

The WALL experience isn’t your average bear.  The physical bear-iers your campers and you will overcome create a type of bond that is unparalleled in a classic summer camp environment.  Did we mention that, like a bear in the woods, you get to answer the call of nature in the wild?  Or that you’ll be a fund raising, mountain climbing, tent pitching, bear fighting machine by the end of your 7 months of training?  You will definitely be three out of those four things by the time you head on up to tackle Mt. San Gorgonio.

Because WALL is a special program, we ask that our volunteers fundraise $2,000 to make sure WALL is stocked with the bear necessities.  Although fundraising $2,000 sounds as crazy and unachievable as making a 26 mile hike up the tallest mountain in Southern California, we assure you that you’ll find it bear-ly a challenge.

Our mission is simple:  to inspire volunteers and campers to be brave and reach goals, like summiting at 11,500 ft, graduating college through simple steps, or being strong like bear. 

So all we need to know is… ARE YOU B?E?A?R? ?E?N?O?U?G?H?  BRAVE ENOUGH?  Send in your application today!


Dot and Thundercat

Would you make a good leadership (aka LSHIP)? You may be asking yourself if a leadership position in UniCamp is right for you or why you should apply. The most obvious answer is yes, you should apply, because simply put, LSHIP is awesome and you’re awesome. It’s an obvious match.

We remember asking ourselves 2 years ago if LSHIP was right for us. We had heard it was a hefty time commitment, but ultimately, with the encouragement of our past LSHIP, we went for it, and now we can confidently say it has been one of our most rewarding experiences within UniCamp. Now we’d  like for you to experience it too!

What could be better than sharing Woodsey magic with over 250 campers and volunteers? Not a whole lot, which is what makes LSHIP so amazing. Along with your team, you’ll spend winter quarter developing a vision for your session – your outcome statement, how training meetings will go, and all the fun stuff in between. And trust us, your cos will become your second family – it’s a unique bond that comes with a lot of laughter, inside jokes, some disagreements here and there, but always knowing that your cos have your back. Then in the spring, you’ll watch it all unfold – your session will grow closer, they’ll become more comfortable and knowledgeable about working with kids, and their love for UniCamp and its mission will develop. Most importantly, you’ll program for the week of camp – and seeing it come to life with both your volunteers and campers enjoying their time is one of the best feelings we’ve ever experienced. It’s a rare opportunity to not only inspire personal growth, but also to encounter it yourself.

The responsibility of LSHIP, while rewarding, doesn’t come lightly. It requires a serious time commitment, a creative drive for programming, and some persistent fundraising efforts. LSHIP members will dedicate about 200 hours during winter quarter and an additional 300 hours during spring quarter to ensure camp succeeds. To give you an idea, here’s what LSHIP does:

  • Fundraises $550 during winter quarter
  • Receives over 100 hours of training during winter quarter
  • Recruits and interviews over 500 student volunteers
  • Plans and executes 11 weekly training meetings
  • Plans and executes larger all camp events including an all camp meeting, Camp-A-Thon, and On-Site orientation
  • Organizes fundraisers to help volunteers reach their individual fundraising goal
  • Plans and executes a retreat for 70 student volunteers
  • Meets one on one with volunteers during spring quarter
  • Provides feedback for volunteer programs
  • Programs and carries out a week of camp for over 200 campers
  • Supports and guides volunteers during the week of camp

The list of responsibilities can seem overwhelming, but believe us when we say it’s manageable and the experience will shape and teach you more about yourself than you knew before. LSHIP is all about fulfilling our mission to teach campers and students that “they can reach their full potential, often beyond what they thought possible, and to make a positive impact in their community.” Together we build relationships, develop leadership, and define character, all while being ninjas and singing songs about burritos. If that sounds like the right fit for you, then fill out an app (http://bit.ly/HCAapp2013) and submit it to ccpds@unciamp.org by 8 p.m. on Wednesday, November 21.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you,

Barracuda and Penny
Classic Camp Program Directors