Water TowerRED ALERT! RED ALERT! MAYDAY!                                Houston, we have a problem!

We have a water issue that threatens our camp season.

The water tower has failed and repairs are needed NOW! 

Without these repairs UniCamp CAN NOT operate.  We have no time.  As it stands, we have to reschedule the first session of the 2014 season, and if we don’t find some help to fund this unbudgeted emergency, other sessions could be in jeopardy.

We need your help and we need it NOW.  

The repairs will cost $36,350.00.  Work can start on Thursday and we’ll be back in operation with enough time to open camp before Session 2, but only with YOUR help and support.  No amount is too big.  Your contribution of any size will help.

Here’s the link to help us fix this water tower and still operate a full season of UCLA UniCamp.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of UCLA UniCamp!

  UCLA UniCamp Official Release                                                                                                                                             Re: Water Tower and Session 1 

UCLA UniCamp’s 79th summer season was a month away and it seemed like business as usual until we began to open and prepare our campsite, Camp River Glen. One of the first tasks is to prime the water pump, charge up the water system, and start filling the water storage tank.  The tank takes about two days to fill completely.  This year, that didn’t happen. We isolated the problem, and found that the tank was leaking water faster than it could be filled. Water is a necessary resource at camp. It is needed for drinking water, cooking, flushing, showers, and fire suppression. Without water, camp is unable to operate.

After many phone calls and research we were able to locate The Howard Ridley Company, who have been in this special line of work for three generations. After inspecting the tower, Jon Ridley quoted a timeframe of 20 working days to complete repairs. Fears of losing the entire season was put to ease but this timeframe means we have to reschedule Session 1 from June 22nd – 29th to an open week of July 20th – 27th.

This should not affect camper enrollment but unfortunately, it will greatly impact the UCLA Student Volunteers who already have prior obligations for the summer. Special arrangements are being made for all volunteers who can not attend the new Session 1 dates to see if they can be placed in other sessions so they can still experience UCLA UniCamp this summer.

It is with a heavy heart that UniCamp has to reschedule the week of Session 1, and although it dramatically impacts the volunteers, our primary goal is to serve as many under-served youth as possible.  Unfortunately the only way to do so is to reschedule the session. In addition, we are also left with an unexpected burden of $36,550. If you have or know of any special resources that could help UniCamp fund this emergency repair, please email Pops @ wwirick@unicamp.org


The Repair CrewThe Repair Crew

Interior prior to sandingInterior prior to sanding

Removing cracked lining from tank.Removing cracked lining from tank.

Removing Lining 2

Removing Lining 2

After sanding, before sandblasting

After sanding, before sandblasting