Session 6'11 Leadership Team

by Jaya “Flit” Reddy

Eugene “Tails” Hahn, a regular veteran of the UniCamp program is now one of two
privileged and hard working Classic Camp Program Directors for the 2011-2012 camp season. After spending 3 years quickly advancing from a New Woodsey volunteer to filling larger shoes of Head Counselor Assistant and subsequently Head Counselor, Tails has more than enough experience at camp to supplement his leadership abilities and dynamic personality in his new role as Program Director.

Though Tails says nothing will beat his first time at camp, he is looking forward to being a Program Director in order to give back to the program. Initially, the seasoned Woodsey planned to volunteer for UniCamp one last time in 2011 as a Head Counselor. However, after greatly enjoying his week as an HC during Session 6, Tails felt more than willing to “contribute to the organization in a big way.” As a Program Director, he anticipates “bigger and better things for the future.” Namely, this means attracting more UCLA students to volunteer for UniCamp to return the organization to its 1980s and 90s status as “THE thing to do on campus” for incoming freshmen. However, because many changes within the program are in the hands of the current Head Counselors and their assistants, also known as LSHIP, Tails looks forward to the direction in which LSHIP takes UniCamp. Many innovative improvements are in store for training meetings, the annual All-Camp meeting and 10th Annual Camp-A-Thon, promising “New Woodseys should expect something different!”

So far as a Program Director he has been blown away by the growth of each new LSHIP member before his eyes during their training. Coupled with New Woodseys, Older Camper Program volunteers and every single volunteer in between, Tails finds his main motivation for dedicating time and energy to camp in spreading the Woodsey magic. He shares that “creating those moments for people and seeing that everyone will grow from the organization is a truly rewarding experience.”

Considering his first time at camp remains his favorite, Tails awaits sharing this magic with New Woodseys in 2012. Though he is convinced he puts the “Old” in “Old Woodsey,” campers and volunteers alike should be excited for such a highly experienced volunteer and camper favorite to fill a Program Director role.