I do camp for one because I love being up in the mountains. I love the wind in the trees and the stars at night and just being away from the city for a week.

More importantly, I love sharing that experience with campers, many of whom have never been in nature before.  I remember walking my campers to the cabin the first night. When I did a head count, one was missing. I found him behind me, motionless, staring at the stars.  I said that the stars were really beautiful in the mountains and asked if he had ever seen the Milky Way before.  He said he had never seen stars. We stood there a few minutes and then went to the cabin to sleep. Each night after that before we went into the cabin we would look up for a few moments at the sky that we never have a chance to see in Los Angeles.

In short, I do camp because it’s a place to see the stars.



In the beautiful city of Malibu, the SAILors of 2012 were brought together for an unforgettable weekend.  It was a small and cozy retreat, allowing us plenty of time to get to know one another and truly bond.  We kicked off retreat with good old-fashioned skits introducing everyone.  Random adjectives were creatively incorporated, leading to Sailors breaking out of jail, re-mixing HIMYM’s “Let’s All Go to the Mall Retreat!”, Bear horses, and rap video.  Funny would be a serious understatement.  The night was concluded with a night hike to Malibu’s beach shores.

Waking up bright and early, we set off for a full day of leadership training, camp topics review, and fundraising plans.  It was a beautiful, sunny day set in a private park.  The afternoon was reserved for adventure.  We set off for a hike to the Escondido Falls.  Actually, it was more of a trickle… that smelled like sulfur (aka rotten eggs), yum.  Nonetheless, it was a sight to see, with a fun trail bringing us back to nature-filled camp days.  And of course, it wouldn’t be a complete day without a visit to the beach.  Spending time relaxing, taking an endless amount jumping pictures, playing in the cold water, and playing Bocce Ball, it’s safe to say the Sailors are already one with the water.  This was especially true for Grizzly Bear, after being engulfed by a wave!

After a delicious BBQ, the night ended in a stunning night under the stars.  With GreenTeam and Jet on guitar, we reflected on our Woodsey identities and serenaded the city.  It was a memorable night that I know brought us closer and was just relaxing.  The remainder of the night was filled with late night conversation about the most random subjects.  Amazing time.

Thanks again to Rey Cano for hosting our retreat.  Look out for the awesome SAIL fundraisers like Splash Day, Basic Needs Kits, and the Yacht Party.  Until next time… bon voyage, mateys!

-Cookie Monster