Attention, attention! Volunteer Recruitment for the 2017 Camp Season has officially begun! Every year, UniCamp is operated by over 500 UCLA student volunteers, and we need your help to make sure we fill our ranks this year. Whether it’s by wearing Woodsey Wear on Woodsey Wednesday, presenting about UniCamp at dorm association meetings, or even going to freshmen lectures to present, we need all Woodseys out there to spread the word!!! You have experienced Woodsey Magic yourself, so now it’s time to share the magic with all the potential new volunteers out there! Apps will be online at end of this week and are due on February 22nd at 5 PM!! This year’s Lship Recruitment Committee has been working very hard to beat the record number of apps set last year (over 600!) and here is their comprehensive list of all the ways you can recruit:

  • Bruin Walk Flyering– Be Loud, be proud! Help us promote camp by passing out fliers on Bruin Walk.
    • Fifth Week: Tues- Thurs, 11-3 PM.
    • Sixth Week: Mon- Fri, 10-3 PM.
    • Seventh Week: Tues-Wed, 10-3 PM. Thurs- Fri, 10- 5 PM.
  • Dorm Association Meetings/Row Walks – present at association meetings and row walks on Mondays!
  • Lecture Presentations– ask your professors if you can give a quick spiel about camp before your lecture! We are also presenting at GE clusters and freshmen classes. Let us know if you’re interested, and we can give you times!
  • Info Sessions– Come to our info meetings and share your experience with potential New Woodseys!
    • Times and Location: TBD
  • Woodsey Wednesdays– Rock your Woodsey Wear! Take pictures with a fellow Woodsey and tag us on Instagram! @uclaunicamp
  • FB Promotion– Change your profile picture and cover picture to the new UniCamp ones. The profile picture is above, and the cover picture is the current header for this site!
  • Present at your clubs! Pretty much, spread the word! Tell your friends, your teammates, your roommates, everybody!

If you are interested in any of the meetings/presentations above, please email the Recruitment Committee heads, Jude and Tik Tok, at and

Happy recruiting, everybody!!
As a New Woodsey during your first Unicamp meeting, you may be wondering – what are all these weird phrases everyone is using? Go to the BIFF – what? The four crazy people standing in front of me singing songs are called LSHIP? Welcome to Woodsey Lingo!! While it may be overwhelming at first to keep up with all the new phrases, you’ll be a pro in no time! And if you are not sure what they’re talking about, just ask those around you. Old Woodseys are more than willing to help – we all remember being confused at our first meeting! We have all been there. Soon enough you’ll be joining in, too! For now, here’s a little Woodsey Dictionary to help you get started!



a person, action, environment, attitude, or feeling…anything related to Unicamp and its mission


Camp River Glen

the campsite where Unicamp takes place



Co-counselor or co-specialist; you work closely with them and depend on them for support before and during the week of camp



something that is unwoodsey


stands for Bathroom In The Forest For You, the bathrooms that we use up at camp


stands for Leadership, the Woodseys that will guide you through your guide and week at camp

Classic Camp 

the traditional program at UniCamp, Classic Camp provides traditional summer activities and outcome based programming to campers ages 10-14.


stands for Older Camper Programs; includes Unicorps, W.A.L.L., and S.A.I.L.


This older camper program focuses on high school aged students participating in service learning and giving back to their community.


stands for Wilderness Adventures in Leadership and Learning; this older camper program teachers campers the important of teamwork and perseverance through a 4 day, 26 mile hike


stands for Sailing Adventures Inspiring Leaders; this older camper program teaches campers leadership, the important of teamwork and mental determination through a physically demanding week of sailing


stands for Kitchen Staff. The seasonal paid/volunteer staff that prepares all the food up at camp.


stands for Program Director. Usually in pairs, Program Directors manage and lead their respective programs of camp: Classic Camp, W.A.L.L., UniCorps, and S.A.I.L.

Happy Camp Season 2013!!!!!