Calling all Woodseys, the applications for Head Counselor Assistants (HCA) and OCP (WALL and UniCorps) are out! With the selection of the Program Directors and Head Counselors, the 2012-2013 camp season is well on its way. Now we are looking for a few good men and women to fill out the roles of OCP advisers and the rest of the Leadership team.

Not sure what to apply for? Want to learn more about Leadership, UniCorps, and WALL? The Breeze will be posting articles written by the PD’s about their respective programs. Check them out to find out more!
You have seen them washing dishes, remaking trails, and unclogging biffies. You have seen them running talent shows, executing programs with their units, and serving as role models for their younger peers. UniCorps is a unique experience because it teaches the campers an invaluable concept: service. As a UniCorps advisor, you will have the chance to create your own programs throughout the week to instill this invaluable lesson. Intrigued?? Here are our UniCorps program directors, Silverfox and Bubbles, and their own reasons on why you should apply for UniCorps. 

Silverfox: I can say that being a Unicorps advisor has been one of the most rewarding opportunities in my life. It definitely has affected my outlook on life and has given has to the positive energy in my life. All of you have that done classic camp before had spent time getting to know the campers, but in reality you have gotten to know campers of a significantly younger age and there are some things that are too heavy or too complicated for you and them to discuss.

With Unicorps, as well as WALL, the campers are closer to you in age, which makes for a different kind of bonding compared to younger campers. At this point in their lives, OCP campers are going to want a lot of information from you, whether it is about school, home life, or relationships. It will be easier for you to discuss these types of issues with them because of the smaller age gap and the maturity level. This is probably one of the greatest rewards of being a Unicorps advisor.

The other rewarding thing is hard to explain but is the reason I keep doing Unicorps. It is the exceptional hard-work, maturity, drive, compassion and synergy that exudes from the Unicorps campers. In one week, they truly become better leaders and showcase high amounts of Woodseyness. I cry each and every time I end camp, because I am so proud of the work and love they put into camp. It is something way beyond dish cleaning and toilet unclogging. It can only be described as true Woodsey magic!!!!

Bubbles: YAY Corps! Why should you do it? Because it is just as awesome as it sounds like! Yes, Unicorps devotes time and energy into cleaning dishes and unclogging biffies, but I think that there is no better way to promote service learning, and no better place to do it! While Classic Camp is rewarding and full of such CUTE kids, I thought that OCP was perfect for me – I love working with high schoolers, with whom provides the luxury of sarcasm. Yes, they may have attitudes, but then again – who doesn’t?

My favorite part about working with high schoolers, however, is their reciprocation. It might take some nudging, but they will participate (especially when it’s fun) and you can see the rewards right then and there. They can be spunky and feisty, but when something like Woodsey Magic touches them, you can see it and they embrace it. You can see them truly being touched, and you can see the difference that camp and you have truly made in their life. There’s a different level of understanding/connecting and these bonds last well beyond camp, and I’m so glad to say that I can still keep in contact with my campers/ hang out with them once camp is over!

Basic Info: UniCorps promotes service learning – leadership through service. As role models ON the campsite, as well as promote service DOWN the mountain, we lead and serve by doing the chores that nobody likes – dishes, setting up for meals, cleaning trails… you got a job? We’ll get it done.
Quick Facts:

  • $1000(+) fundraising goal
  • Training beginning Winter Quarter, on top of session trainings in Spring
  • Extensive programming
    • (OCP may participate in all-session programming, but the campers are entirely your responsibility – you can plan anything and everything that they do)
  • Service Learning rotation/duties
    • Be ready to motivate and serve!

Mission: To show compassion and gratitude to our communities by reciprocating the service that our communities have given to us through service and love.

Look at our kids having fun and working together!!