Reading all of these stories has reminded me a lot about my camp memories.  UCLA UniCamp was the first extracurricular activity I did at UCLA and it was the first time I was responsible for people other than my family.  I remember being the only new counselor in my first session in 1975.  It was the Exceptional Children’s Tutorial Project session for students requiring special educational services.  Having never worked with these types of students before, I really had no idea what the experience would be like.  I remember the first night when we had the campers write letters home.  I was shocked that the kids couldn’t spell simple words.  However, the thing that really stuck with me was that when I volunteered for ECTP again two years later, the kids still remembered me and the activities that we did.

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ECTP 1975

I did a few other sessions including boys session and co-ed session.  I even floated a few times!  It was through my camp experiences, especially my ECTP sessions, that I found my passion to become a teacher.  I was a special education teacher for 6 years after graduation!

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Boys Session 1977

Since then I have worn out all my Woodsey shirts except for one and I have participated in some Alumni events in recent years!  I attended the beach bbq and the football game in 2015!  This year I am hoping to make it to the Campfire Gala.  Hope to see you all there!

Owl is a UCLA alumnus.

Compiled by Michael “Trunks” Anderson UCLA ’12


Woodsey Alumni Tailgate 2015