As a transfer student, Franklin, also known as Crescendo, didn’t know anyone when he first volunteered for UCLA UniCamp last year. His brother, who had volunteered a decade ago, had a great time and encouraged him to join. Through all the trainings, retreats, and socials, Franklin opened up and started meeting a lot of new, like-minded friends. He prepared as much as he could to give back and work with kids for the first time.

Franklin’s first summer as a volunteer wasn’t without its challenges. There were times when he felt the stress and nervousness of being an Alpine climbing specialist for 150 kids throughout the week. Samuel “Safety Scissors” Hsu, one of his co-counselors, and other fellow volunteers were able to provide Franklin with the vital support, mentorship, and guidance needed to become a great camp counselor. For the remainder of the week, Crescendo, Safety Scissors, and their dynamic co-team got into the groove, supported each other during difficult times, and celebrated together on their successes. From that most memorable of weeks, Franklin and Samuel became great friends.

Franklin’s is just one of thousands of strong, lasting friendships made through UCLA UniCamp.

UniCamp is first and foremost about providing underserved kids an opportunity to go to camp. But it is also about the UCLA student volunteer experience: leadership, friendships, memories.

As the student volunteers are taking their finals this week and getting ready for camp, we invite you to join us in supporting their work. J. Peter “Pizza” Rich has generously offered to match dollar-for-dollar, up to $25,000, donations through June 30th. We are more than halfway there at $14,500 raised!

Please make a donation today to double the support to our dedicated volunteers in their mission to help Los Angeles’ most underserved children this summer.

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